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If you’re interested in beauty, odds are you’re a person of style, a creature of passion. Or maybe you just like looking good. Whatever the case, you’re probably interested in other pursuits, like fashion, culture, grooming and style. Just for you, we put together a list of some of our favorite beauty sites for both men and women. Some are shops. Some are blogs. Some are both. But all are great resources!

Total Beauty

Total Beauty is a resource for high-end fashion and lifestyle. The focus here is on women’s beauty and there is no shortage of fantastic information on both fashion and style. Total Beauty features how-to videos and articles as well as an extensive product directory making this one of the most valuable resources around. The site gets updated daily and is highly recommended as a women’s fashion and beauty resource.


Valet is a men’s fashion resource with a massive list of stores in nearly every city across the Unite States. You can find information on anything from fashion, health, style and even random tips to help you in other areas of your personal life. Valet has a great Q&A section as well as valuable resources to help you feed your fashion appetite.